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Crimson Wings

#nationalpoetrymonth #ilovepoetry #welcometocarolworldphotography Welcome To Carol World Photography

Raising the Ruffles

#nationalpoetrymonth #haiku #ilovepoetry  


Years ago, new friends, John and David invited me to a showing of their new short film.  I was intrigued, after studying film in college so many years ago.  The event was in a movie theater on the North Side... Continue Reading →

Pitter Patter

Haiku (National Poetry Month) Pitter Patter Drip Mirrors transclucent starbursts Nature reigns supreme by Carol Estes

Knit One, Pearl’s Two

    When you look thru the sewing machine, you see "Cupid Awake".  It is one of a series of vintage images my mother so revered.  In the turn of the last century, Josephine Anderson, a lovely four year old,... Continue Reading →

Cursed Utterances

Haiku (National Poetry Month)   Battled language sears Lips chafe provoke and offend Yet I yield free speak by Carol Estes          

Medusa's Brood (A Haiku to celebrate National Poetry Month) Thy serpent shall coil Words choke and lies now entwine Shroud called love contests. by Carol Estes #ilovepoetry #nationalpoetrymonth #haiku #welcometocarolworld Find me at : Carol Estes on Facebook My Photography Albums... Continue Reading →

Seeing Sixty

Reality check: Member AARP, in a Senior Art Show, filed for Social Security, and seeing 60 soon. Guess I need to move a little faster with my bucket list! (Here I am, when I was testing out the new Beauty... Continue Reading →

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