Years ago, new friends, John and David invited me to a showing of their new short film.  I was intrigued, after studying film in college so many years ago.  The event was in a movie theater on the North Side of Chicago.

I called my new friend, Eli, and asked if she would like to go on an adventure.  I told her there would be a group of small independent short films, but that was all I really knew.  Eli worked downtown, so I picked her up, and followed bus #56 thru every single stop it made, for the 2 mile trek.


Since Chicago parking is what it is, I chose a bank lot that was just a block away.  We headed toward the venue.  In my head, after assessing the marquee, I questioned my choice in coming.  We entered the damp, decrepit theater, and immediately my head went to a bad place, including, what if my car gets towed.

Looking across the seating, there was one or two in one corner, a single guy over the other side.  I realized, this adventure had elevated to a whole new level.  And, with the safety of my friend in play, I faced the thought, “What the heck am I doing?”

Well, it turns out that the night culminated with a showing of a “classic” trilogy of an old cult series.And, with the safety of my friend in play, I faced the thought, “What the heck am I doing?”  Frank Henenlotter, the director of the “Basket Case”, and “Basket Case 2”, had recently stitched his three short films together.  He would also appear for a Q&A for his quirky fans.

Back to the two old girls sitting in the center section.  We just kind of shrugged, and agreed that Carol World had taken a weird turn on the tracks.  A true friend will trust you into an old seedy theater.  The early short films were diverse, and covered various shooting styles.  Frank introduced himself, and gave us a general introduction to what was to come.

Eli, leaned and whispered to me, that she can’t take a lot of blood.  I told her to just nudge me, and we would go.  I did come to support my friends, whose film was shown early.  The film began, and within 10 seconds, blood was casting across the room.  I realized we would be leaving soon, and didn’t want to make my friend uncomfortable.  I waited, and she didn’t nudge me.  The film continued making the strangest twists and most absurd turns.  We broke out in hysteria.  It was so much fun.  Who would have thought?

We didn’t stay for much of the Q&A, and on the sidewalk, heading to the car, Eli turned and said, “Maybe we could just say this never happened!”  We laughed, and headed back toward home.  A good friend will always support you, and Carol World is a heck of a place to live in.