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When you look thru the sewing machine, you see “Cupid Awake”.  It is one of a series of vintage images my mother so revered.  In the turn of the last century, Josephine Anderson, a lovely four year old, had the fortune to meet up with local photographer M.B. Parkinson.

Parkinson, used the young neighbor as a model, and created the “Cupid Awake” and “Cupid Asleep” series.  It has been popular since its release about 1897. This is mom’s copy, that hung up at home for years.  I collected these items around my antique store, to tell a new story.  A friend reminded me that I misspelled, “Purl”, the correct action in knitting.  It is all a play on words.

Mom loved to sew, and made much of our clothing, even up thru high school.  Her idea of a hemline in 1972, was two inches below the knee.  She tried to teach me, but this southpaw had a left brain fail.  I could do elastic waistbands, but never mastered buttonholes and zippers.  In my closet, I still have a Japanese inspired kimono jacket, Mom created, when I was 25, for an important date in the early 1980’s with my eventual husband.

As it turned out, my love of antiques, created the biggest bridge between my Mom and myself.  She so enjoyed digging thru boxes at auctions, and waiting hours for her special purchases.  Even when dementia started to seep thru the cracks, we could talk vintage and the like, and her eyes would perk up.  That light extinguished in 2005, at 82 years.